Books I’ve Loved Lately…

My to-be-read pile had to be moved to a closet shelf to accommodate its outlandish growth. In the spirit of helping you achieve the same, here are a few of my recent favorites:


-HER DYING DAY by Mindy Carlson: Not only is this a great mystery about an aspiring filmmaker, it also has one of the most eye-catching first lines I’ve read in a long time. “If you’ve never been stuck under the bed while your lover has sex with his wife, I suggest you skip it.”


-REGRETS ONLY by Kieran Scott: If you loved Big Little Lies and you dread the monthly PTA meetings, this one’s for you.


-THE DEADLANDS: HUNTED (middle-grade) by Skye Melki-Wegner: The reference wouldn’t necessarily work for kids, but I hope someone called this Jurassic Park meets Wings of Fire. I can’t wait to hand this to my students, but I also genuinely enjoyed reading it.


-A DOOR IN THE DARK (young adult): I wish I could remember exactly what made me put this book on hold. College wizards caught in the wilderness is usually not my cup of tea, but I am loving this book. 


-A FEVER IN THE HEARTLAND by Timothy Egan: All of the history about the rise and fall of the KKK in the 1920’s that I did not learn in school.


-THE CLOSE (audiobook) by Jane Casey: If you haven’t read the Maeve Kerrigan detective series by Jane Casey, you should start. The latest installment has Maeve and Josh going undercover, pretending to be a couple in a neighborhood full of secrets. If you’re of a certain age, it’ll bring to mind Cybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis in Moonlighting.


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